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Have you ever met anyone on the internet?
Hahaha. I guess technically I have, hard to know where the internet stops and ends at this point.

Like when a random person tags a skateboard company and said company reaches out and you hit it off and next thing you know….?
Thats pretty far fetched but I heard it happened once.
That’s true… I heard that happened once as well… yeah that’s a great example though, how this whole thing went down between us from a random isntagram comment. Luck of the draw it feels like sometimes, I’ve gotten art shows because of just random connections over the internet. One crossed wire after the next till you have a nexus going.

I’m gonna throw out some monikers…which one sticks the hardest? Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Painter.
Painter feels pretty sticky, though I guess I do more graphic design 


You just had an art show.
Yup it was sick, it was me and my two roommates, Seb and Dan. We just recently moved, but the show was title “garage energy” as a tribute to where we basically spent 70% of quarantine it feels like, the garage in our now old house. The show was in Rhode Island and actually to tie back to the first question, was at this place called The Kings Lens and Friends gallery (if you’re ever in RI check it out). The place is run by Pat Murphy whose just a mastermind of events and all that shit, but he’s now a good friend who I’ve done a few shows with but I met him through a random connection over the internet.

The show was so fun, we just hodge podged it all together, drove cross country for it from California, I did another show along the way in SLC, just madness in the best way. My roomates are crazy talented though you should check them out @littleseeb and @shredcornn

Are there other mediums you like to explore?
Yeah definitely, spray paint is pretty big for me these days, but even like just trying to work with weird junk as textures is fun, like vampire blood from garage sales

Amazing. Whats the weirdest thing you used…aside from vamp juice? I’ve seen some pretty sweet contraptions used to apply paint on your instagram.
In the aforementioned garage, one night I tried smashing flaming hot Cheetos into a painting of an armadillo, didn’t really work if I recall… There was another night where I hooked up brushes and palette knives to my power tools, like my jigsaw and sander, and tried that out. That one worked better than the Cheeto dust.

Trying to work with weird junk as textures is fun, like vampire blood from garage sales.

David Daisy

Whats your creative process?
Get in the garage and go wild

That comes through for sure. Theres thought in there, you can see it - brutalist and purposeful. Did I just insult you? Ahahahah.
Not at all, that might be the most accurate description of my past year or two of work hahaha

What do you do for work?
Big boy job is Jr. Art Director for VANS.

You’ve been the skate/snow industry for a while - how did you get involved in that?
I was lucky to go to a college that was a hub for so many upcoming people in snowboarding at the time, so all the friends I made and people I met along the way were all slowly coming into their own in the "industry". Just focusing on having a good time and snowboarding while just crafting my work around it really just helped me get going and then again just through friends ended up with an opportunity at SNOWBOARDER Mag and it just went on from there. But I would say it's all thanks to other people and my friends, too many to even try and name. In the end the people matter more than the industry. 

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